Frequently Asked Question

ZipCoda is not an employer. It’s the first owner-operated, location-based app and platform that makes hiring service providers...easy. We created a top-to-bottom funnel solution that immediately puts the consumer directly in contact with local service providers a uber-like concept. ZipCoda is FREE to the consumer.

Consumers can now reach on-demand service providers within seconds by using the ZipCoda app or website. All you have to do is download the FREE app or go to and join.

  1. Sign in for free
  2. Select your service category
  3. Select auto locate or select your state and city
  4. Select your provider from available providers in the area
  5. Submit your request to that provider
  6. Provider will contact you within minutes


Download the app, or go to to join. Then go to the service provider drop-down list, choose the service, and click! The available providers will appear in an uber-like fashion, and you can choose from the ones that have their green light on display. Click to start a conversation through the app and you are in control from that point. You can choose to start doing business with that provider, or go back and choose another.

No. ZipCoda will not charge the consumer for the use of the service. All service providers pay a subscription fee to be part of our exclusive platform, and all contract work and service fees will be between you and the service provider.

The service providers who have subscribed to the location in which you are requesting the service will appear in an uber-like, live setting. Green lights will appear for the service providers who are currently available. You will request the service from the selection and begin your conversation with the provider. You will continue with the provider until you decide to work together or you may request a different provider if needed. All communication will be done through the platform in a messaging service before real numbers and info are agreed to be exchanged.

The service providers are either investor-providers, or provider-subscribers who have committed to our vetting system and submitted their licensing, bond and insurance, and overall standing in the community.

No. They are voluntarily submitting an application to be a subscriber on our platform. They pay a subscription fee quarterly and are rated after every transaction, by you, the consumer. We have a strict standard they must adhere to in order to stay on the platform.

ZipCoda is committed to maintaining the security of our site. Your personal information (e.g. your name, address, email address, phone, etc.) is concealed from ALL USERS of ZipCoda. Only the ZipCoda administrators have access to your registered information from the recorded use of the app and the provider you choose to do business with will exchange contact info with them once you have agreed.


The following link will take you to the sign-up process…..To sign up click here

There is a limited amount of providers per area. Demographics have been scrubbed and determined what the threshold of providers needed per area. The exclusive seats per area is 7. The first seat in a category can be investor-provider leased so it becomes the “default” provider for that state in order to capture all leads until all of the seats are filled for all areas.

Yes. ZipCoda administration team will complete a vetting process with each provider, to insure the quality of providers that the consumer will access on this platform. ZipCoda will require your license, certifications, background check, and standing in the business community (i.e., any BBB complaints, etc.)

All providers will pay an upfront administration fee of $175 to join the platform. Once the app is launched, the quarterly subscription fee will be $99 per territory claimed.

ZipCoda is offering the first category of service to a service subscriber for a $2500 investment. This investment allows you to be the first seat of your area, be the default recipient of leads for the state until others fill in, as well as participate in residual income from subscriptions in that state on a quarterly basis. If you as the provider have an invested interest in a city or state, and ZipCoda is 30% filled with service categories your residual income will begin.

You will receive leads that the first seat does not capture. If a lead comes in and the first seat does not pick it up within the first 15 minutes, it will automatically bump to the next seat. All participants will have a “green light” on their icon on the uber-like platform, so seats 2-7 will be available to pick up that lead, or the consumer can directly choose one of those seats.

You will have your application running on your smartphone as many hours of the day that you wish. When your application is running, your light is green. When you close down your application, your light will be red. Consumers can choose from any green light on the platform.

The app will be your means of communication through messaging, until the consumer and you decide to exchange numbers to finalize your business. You will handle the work, the contract, as well as payment on your own.

Leads for your business on-demand! No longer do you have to rely on weekly networking meetings to ask other business owners for leads. This will be the new household name for finding services at the click of a button and use of an app.

Consumers can access the website to find service providers in over 600 categories in their area. They will join the platform for free and begin their search. Once a service provider is chosen, they will be able to contact them through the website to begin the conversation. The service provider will then be able to take the service from there and pursue the work.

ZipCoda uses its patent pending technology and custom designs each service providers’ URL. For example: So, each provider will get their own personal URL which ZipCoda generates for them. Because of the volume of URL’s ZipCoda creates, this will keep the service provider on the front page of GOOGLE also.

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Yes, a service provider can claim as many areas as they would like. The subscription fee is $99 per quarter. only permits 7 service providers, per category, per area

No. A service provider can claim 1 seat and if they have invested the $2500, they will be the default lead recipient for the state until other spots are filled.

Patent pending social media profile page

  • You the service provider will use your custom URL and sure to all your contacts weekly
  • Television
  • Radio adds
  • Local pubs
  • Marketing Materials
  • Affiliated platforms, and
  • No, but you can cancel your subscription with a 30 day notice.

    Your subscription will renew automatically every quarter, until a 30 day notice is given to withdraw.


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